Malgudi, Jalan Universiti PJ

Spice and everything nice. Not many people knows this about me but I love spicy food. Of course my parents played a big part on introducing me to Indian cuisine and automatically I pushed myself to see how spicy I could take it.

When I was younger I remember that everyday during recess in school my best friend and I would challenge each other on how much heat we could take.

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Galia Lahav Spring 2018

Galia Lahav is no stranger when it comes to gorgeous haute couture creations involving lots (and we do mean LOTS) of lace layering and mix and match. Their bold eye-catching creations have been a dream for every bride-to-be to grab hold on and we totally understand why.

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Look Up!

There’s a lot of thought and (definitely) a lot of work being put into a wedding decoration. Irregardless if it’s a simple rustic design with just leafy greens or an extravagant props-sourced-from-all-corners-of-the world kind of decoration.

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