IKEA Restaurant

Finally! After so many years I’ve finally got to visit IKEA’s restaurant with le boyfriend for brunch~ even he knows how long I’ve been bugging him to come here hahaha.

Anywhoo, I ordered all my favourite stuff for him to try (and of course because I want to have them too kikiki).

As always, the brown sauce and lingonberry jam was sooo addictive! I ended up dipping it with the chicken wings after we ravaged all the meatballs, and even that there’s still a lot of sauce left – pass me a loaf of bread now!

Nothing beats crispy and well seasoned chicken wings. It’s so good I could just eat it on its own. We initially thought of just ordering 4 pieces but somehow the kakak gave us 6 (don’t worry, we paid for all 6 pieces). I love how the thin crispy skin just cracks open when you bite into it and then presents you with the most tender and juicy meat – simply divine!

Salmon, lemon and dill…there is no chance where this combination could go wrong! I’ll have to commend the chef who actually cooked the orange and yellow carrots. I don’t normally eat carrots but the ones they serve with this salmon dish is so so juicy and nice.

And those crispy orb of salmon-y goodness! I could have them anytime, anyday. Beautiful pink edible confetti wrapped in a crunchy shell, it’s like a party in your mouth. And yes, that’s how I choose to eat it. Popping in whole one after another.

This brunch totally made us full to the brim and of course, happy. We both are the easiest customer to please I think – happy tummy, happy Jeff and Jess 😉

And just in case you don’t know it by now, IKEA is expanding! I’m so looking forward to their first branch opening in Cheras. I wonder will there be a restaurant too?! Hehehee

Ikea Malaysia - Beverage Blueberry Juice and Mineral Water

Ikea Malaysia - Salmon with Lemon and Dill Sauce

Ikea Malaysia - Swedish Meatballs

Ikea Malaysia - Chicken Wings

Ikea Malaysia - Salmon Ball


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