Dim Sum at Restoran Loong Seng, SS2

Dim sum!! I’m a huge fan of dim sum! What to do? I’m Chinese! Hahahaa

So happen that I’m craving for it this week, I went to this restaurant called Loong Seng in SS2 to have dim sum for breakfast before my appointment nearby.

It is said that this is one of the oldest dim sum joint in SS2. I ordered all the things I love and honestly, it was just an okay experience despite their many years of service.




IMG_20150705_144419 The siew mai and har gao (prawn dumpling) is still considered okay. And I specially like their fish balls though. Better than some of the other dim sum place I’ve been previously.


IMG_20150705_144551 This is too fishy. I have a really good tolerance on consuming fishy food but this is waaay too much for my liking. >_<


IMG_20150705_144926 The sweet and sour sauce for this fish ball wrapped in beancurd skin is quite nice. The sauce is not too thick and the ratio of fish ball and beancurd skin is perfecto!


IMG_20150705_144224 I really like this one because you don’t see this in a lot of dim sum restaurants.


IMG_20150705_144701Tau fu pok stuffed with fish paste. I like this too because the portion is huge~


IMG_20150705_145041These potstickers (wo tip) is rather disappointing. It’s cold and there’s no sliced ginger and vinegar sauce. I thought that is how we’re suppose to eat it?



IMG_20150705_144808I didn’t like this one. There’s one thing I hate about stir fried loh pak gou (radish cake) is those with dried shrimps in them – and the worst thing, it’s served cold.


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