[Permanently Closed] Brats, Paramount Garden

Some bangin’ brats they have there. On our really impromptu visit last night (spontaneity doesn’t happen very often with us by the way haha), ended our day in a pretty happy tone.

Love the bright airy setting with the wide windows and the mix of light browns from the cutting boards at the counter + from the tables + chairs, the messy cement grey finish on the walls + the booth seating and also let’s not forget the whites all around you.

And hear this foodie Instagrammers and bloggers, you would be happy to know that this is also an amazing place to take your foodie pics with the help of natural lighting streaming in from the wide clean windows (my other favourite place – Bandits Coffee Bar). I just love how natural lighting helps you achieve very good quality photos effortlessly.


Brats Taman Paramount Menu These are the choices of gourmet sausages that they serve and if you’re a huge beer fan, you should totally try their choices of imported bottled beers…that would be so cool to have while enjoying them dogs ain’t it? 😉

Brats thisisjefflim jessicaluvstoeat Photo from le boyfriend’s Instagram @thisisjefflim.

Brats Paramount Garden Kitchen This is their masak-masak station. Honestly I find the open kitchen to be a bit unnecessary because at the end of our meal, we leave the place smelling like a walking bratwursts too. So before you leave your house, make sure to bring along your perfume so that you can touch up later – if necessary. 😉

Brats Taman ParamountYes, that’s them windows that will bring the natural lighting to you.

IMG_20150712_012605This liquid gold is so so good~~ Check out Mr Spock’s famous tagline at the bottom of the receipt.

Brats Poutine Gravy Cheese 2

Brats Poutine Gravy Cheese This Poutine is to die for!! You would think “Cheh! Just fries, brown gravy and cheese.” Yeah, I dare you not to try it. This is so good I literally begged my boyfriend to have seconds. 😉

Brats Tomato Mushroom Mango JalapenoI know. We got the same choice of toppings, caramelized onions and pickled relish! It’s the only way we like to have our dogs with. But there are other toppings for you to choose from – chopped onions, sauteed bell peppers or mustard and/or ketchup.

Brats Mango JalapenoThey recommended us to try this Mango and Jalapeno sausage. It’s mixed with pork meat and encased in a really crunchy casing..just the way we love it! I love the flavour combination very much! I wanted to order this at first but my skeptic self (as usual) went for a safer combo.

Brats Sundried Tomatoes MushroomsSo I ordered this~ Sundried Tomatoes and Mushrooms. Something less adventurous but still yummy nonetheless. They blend beef and pork meat together with the tomatoes and mushrooms, the flavour profile is not as strong as the Mango and Jalapeno but it’s really juicy and I just kept going for it. However, I was kind of hoping that the inside of the bread to be slightly toasted with butter but their current version is fine too~

Brats Paramount Garden 2Yes, oxygen is a must. And in Brats, they encourage you to get your hands dirty to enjoy the full experience. So no worries, they have 2 sinks side by side complete with handwash and paper towels for you to wash before and after your finger licking good wieners. ;D

In case I’m not convincing enough, here’s what my boyfie thinks:-

Brats @thisisjefflim“If you haven’t tried ‪#‎poutine‬ before, it’s about time you do & you can thank me later :)” – @thisisjefflim (Instagram)

Brats thisisjefflim“Mustard or ketchup? I’d say both. Star of the night: Mango & jalapeño pork hotdog topped with caramelized onions & relish” – @thisisjefflim (Instagram)

Wait no more, go visit them today.

11, Jalan 20/13,
Taman Paramount,
46300, Petaling Jaya,
FB : fb.com/pages/BRATS
Instagram : @friendsofbrats



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