Easy Home Cooked Pasta

It’s a weekend! And what better way than to start it off with a simple healthy wholesome homecooked brunch.

This is a rather simple foolproof recipe and it doesn’t take long to cook. And the best thing of all, you can choose the amount of ingredients based on your preference. So here goes:

diced garlic
diced shallots
cherry tomato halves
chopped chives
grated parmesan
sliced bacon / bacon chips
salt and pepper

First of all, start cooking the pasta.

Then heat up a pan with a little bit of olive oil just to cook and render the bacon fat. When the bacon is cooked, fish it out and leave the bacon oil in the pan. While the pan is hot, lower down the flame to medium and throw in the garlic and shallots. Saute it for a couple of minutes or when the fragrance fills the air. Then throw in all the cherry tomato halves and add in a little bit of pepper and salt (to draw out the moisture from the tomatoes). Leave it to medium heat and let it cook slowly until they are all soft and has wrinkly skin.

Toss the pasta in the pan with the tomatoes once they are done cooking. Add a tad of pasta water to make it slightly glossier and season to taste, but don’t over salt it as there will be a parmesan ending. Then sprinkle in the chopped chives, but remember to leave some to beautify the dish for your Insta moments! 😉

Before plating, remember to top it off with a creamy sunny side up egg, bacon, generous amount of grated parmesan and a little sprinkling of fresh green chives~

Bon appétit!

Feel free to let me know how yours turns out! Or if you have an Instagram account, #jessicaluvstoeatrecipe and / or tag me @jessicaluvstoeat.

cherry tomatoes 2

cherry tomatoes 1

garlic and shallots




cooking process 1

cooking process 2

cooking process 3


fried egg

pasta with cherry tomatoes olive oil bacon egg


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