My Go-To Quick Fix

Hungry and need a speedy fix for your grumbly tum tum?

Here’s my secret quick fix that I practice all the time! Thank me later~

2 eggs
snip a bunch of chives, quantity is based on your preference and totally optional
3 tablespoons of cooking oil
1 tablespoon of unsalted butter
a pinch of salt and pepper
1 packet of your preferred dry instant noodle

Now this will be really quick so make sure you have all the items on the ready~

Throw in the noodles into a boiling water. Heat up the pan and drizzle in the cooking oil, once the oil is heated up gently pour in the lightly whipped eggs under medium low heat or under low heat if you want to be safe. As soon as you’ve poured in the eggs keep scrambling it with the back of your fork and throw in the butter, sprinkle in half the chives, salt and pepper. When you no longer see transparent whites, but still slightly soft, moist and wobbly in texture you can fork it out to serve. Do not let it sit in the pan as the residual heat will continue to cook the eggs. But although if it’s fully cooked you will still have fluffy scrambled eggs all thanks to the butter. ­čśë

So by the time you’re done cooking the eggs, it’s also time for you to fish out the noodles…unless you’re cooking the eggs under medium low heat then the noodle should be done before the eggs. Mix the noodle around the prepacked seasoning and flavoured oil, then top it with the yummy scrambled eggs and chive garnish~

Give it a try some time soon and feel free to let me know how yours turns out. Or if you have an Instagram account, #jessicaluvstoeatrecipe and / or tag me @jessicaluvstoeat.

Bon chance~

2 Fresh Eggs.png

Whipped Eggs.jpg



Instant Noodles.jpg

Scrambled Eggs 2.png

Scrambled Eggs 1.png

Instant Noodle and Scrambled Eggs with Chives.png


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