Wild Sheep Chase, Off Old Klang Road [Pre-Soft-Launch]

Personality is what makes an individual different from the rest. Same goes for cafes!

Wild Sheep Chase is an upcoming cafe in Taman Desa just off of Old Klang Road. This squeeky clean cafe comes with a simple personality that promises to cater the best coffee, tea and (at the moment) soufflés~ What was once a law firm is now transformed to a beautiful cafe with loads of natural lighting and plenty of space~

The owners of this lovely place (and also partners in life), Chris and Su Jian is here to bring back the ol’ coffee experience before latte art was widely introduced to the world and simple good food that is really fresh and housemade. They have been busy creating, testing out recipes and scouting the best ingredients for the past 3 months…now that’s dedication!

I was first introduced to their brain child when they follow my Instagram account about 1 or 2 months back and have been itching to visit them. I was really looking forward to their grand opening and then….they start posting soul sucking pictures of perfectly poofed up soufflés~ Gosh they were really worth the drive there. Their love for souffle first started when they visited Chris’ good friend in Taiwan who owns a souffle serving cafe there and that was when Chris and Su Jian had their mind blown.

Oh! I must highlight one awesome drink they serve, Earl Grey Milk Tea that is topped with spirals of honey and a sprinkling of fragrant lemon zest. It’s a girly drink for sure but us girls sometimes don’t mind sharing~ 😉

Not convinced yet? Here are some of the pix the love of my life and I took.

Do follow the Wild Sheep Chase cafe’s Instagram and Facebook to know when their soft launch is and be sure to be there! You just might bump into me and feel free to drop by to say Hello~.

And a special shoutout to Chris and Su Jian, love the ideas you guys have. Keep up the good work~

Wild Sheep Chase Earl Grey with Honey Swirl & Lemon Zest

Wild Sheep Chase Vanilla Souffle Orange Liquer Osmanthus Maple Syrup

Wild Sheep Chase Vanilla Souffle

Wild Sheep Chase Vanilla Souffle 2

Wild Sheep Chase Vanilla Souffle 3

Wild Sheep Chase Vanilla Souffle Osmanthus Maple Syrup Grapefruit Sorbet

Wild Sheep Chase Osmanthus Maple Syrup

@thisisjefflim Wild Sheep Chase Taman Desa

@thisisjefflim Wild Sheep Chase Taman Desa 2

Wild Sheep Chase
6-1, Jalan 1/109E
Off Old Klang Road
Desa Business Park, Taman Desa
58100 Kuala Lumpur


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