Chinese Custard Dessert

It’s raining outside and you need something sweet to warm your heart? I have just the thing for you…and don’t worry, it’s easy and very quick to make and using ingredients which you already have at home.

Oh, and guess what?! It totally brings me back to my younger years when I use to go to Pudu to attend my tuition class. There’s a stall parked just beside the tuition center’s entrance, there’s this old woman selling fragrant, soft, sweet and creamy egg pudding. The smell tends to lure me to her stall each time without fail. And this just taste exactly like it! Trust me!

1 large egg (preferably, room temperature)
250 ml of full cream milk
3 tablespoons of white sugar
Aluminium foil

Crack and beat the egg in a bowl. Separately, start boiling water in a steamer and warm up the milk in the oven so that later you’ll be able to melt the sugar easier.

Chinese Steamed Pudding 1

Chinese Steamed Custard dessert

Then slowly mix in a few spoonfuls of milk into the egg to tamper the egg’s temperature because if the egg is poured straight into milk it will cook the egg and scramble it. Once that is done, pour it into the rest of the milk, add in the sugar and mix until those beautiful edible crystals dissolved. Then strain the mixture into another bowl with a sieve. This way it’ll remove the bubble and egg that’s sunk at the bottom and result to a smoother texture~

Chinese Steamed Pudding 2(Before straining)

Chinese Steamed Pudding 3(After straining)

When the water comes to a boil, lower down the flame to medium and cover the top of the bowl with an aluminium foil. Put it carefully into the steamer to steam it for 12 minutes, lift the lid up every 4 minutes to release some of the heat. Covering it with aluminium foil is a must or you would not have that smooth-as-baby’s-bottom texture – that’s the secret!

After 12 minutes, let it cool down slightly but best consumed warm.

Chinese Steamed Pudding Dessert 2

Chinese Steamed Pudding Dessert

Surprise your loved ones with this simple and heartwarming dessert tonight. And feel free to let me know how yours turns out on the below comment. Or if you have an Instagram account, #jessicaluvstoeatrecipe and / or tag me @jessicaluvstoeat.



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