The Taste MIGF 2015, Berjaya Times Square Hotel KL

I’ve previously worked in the hospitality industry for many years and I have never gotten the chance to visit the Taste MIGF event….like ever! Until this time when my friend notified me about the competition that was held by FiftySix Degrees Whisky and lucky enough, I was one of the winners!! Love it and I thank you, you-know-who! πŸ˜‰

So this year’s theme is The Galactic Chefs 2015. Every year there’s a different theme but rest assured that they hold the same purpose and that is to present mind-blowing gastronomy experience, introducing new upcoming products, cooking and mastery classes.

All the food samples can be redeemed using the MIGF currency – Gourmet Dollars. Each food sample ranges from 1 to a maximum 3 pieces of the Gourmet Dollars. Each book contains 10 pieces of vouchers and it costs RM 50 + RM 2 (GST) per book…quite affordable if you ask me.

Based on our visit, here are our top 4 restaurants (not in order):-

  1. Lafite
  2. Busaba Thai
  3. Soleil
  4. Ruyi & Lyn

And these are the things we’ve tried throughout the evening and what we have to say about it:-

[Busaba Thai, Sunway Resort & Spa]


wpid-the-taste-migf-2015-busaba-thai-1.png.pngThe prawn was cooked perfectly. It was opaque and had that crisp when you bite into it. The broth was heavenly with the perfect amount of spice and heat.



wpid-the-taste-migf-2015-busaba-thai-3.png.pngLove this warm dumpling! I initially thought that this is a dessert because of the pretty purple colour. But it’s really addictive. AND they’ve got really friendly servers too… EXTRA POINTS!

[Marini’s on 57, KLCC]



wpid-the-taste-migf-2015-marinis-on-57-1.png.pngThe taste of the truffle oil was a little overwhelming for me. And I was quite disappointed that the risotto was slightly undercook. The rice was still crunchy, need some more time to make it slightly al dente. But overall it taste fine. πŸ˜‰

[Iketeru, Hilton KL]


wpid-the-taste-migf-2015-iketeru-3.png.pngThe wagyu beef was cold and overcooked which made it very tough and chewy. The sauce however, was pretty decent.


wpid-the-taste-migf-2015-iketeru-1.png.png This trout and fish roe with spring rolls was delish too. Pretty much nothing could go wrong when there’s fish roe, for me at least.

[Graze, Hilton KL]


wpid-the-taste-migf-2015-graze-2.png.pngThe confit scallops was so plump, soft and tasteful. And the chutney was just divine, sweet with a slight tang which draws out the natural sweetness of the seafood even more!

[Zender’s Restaurant & Bar]

wpid-the-taste-migf-2015-zender.png.pngZender’s however, did not turn out to be that good. Service was horrid and just check out how clumsy the plating was. Don’t they know that at the end of our eating session we will be voting on which booth did best based on different categories? Hahaha good luck on winning something really.

[Dynasty, Renaissance KL]



wpid-the-taste-migf-2015-dynasty-1.png.pngThese dishes we tried was alright. They need some work on creative plating though. And don’t skimp on them baby abalone, their description says whole abalone but we got only half.

[Lafite, Shangri-La KL]






wpid-the-taste-migf-2015-lafite-2.png.pngThis was my first time trying duck liver. I’ve promised myself never to eat it but I guess everyone should try at least once right? And the verdict, it was really not bad. I thought it would be as unpleasant as eating a chicken’s liver. All the food we got from Lafite was so so good. *thumbs up*





wpid-the-taste-migf-2015-soleil-3.png.pngBesides Lafite, Soleil too took our breath away with how juicy and moist this beef cheek was. Unlike some booths that are also serving meat dishes, this chef actually completes the cooking and plate right before your eyes. This beautiful arrangement of edible art looks and smells soooo good that you would just want to hold it and take pictures of it the whole night. Love it~


wpid-the-taste-migf-2015-neroteca-1.png.pngNot one of my favourites. It was just placed on the table and leave it to dry and by the time I took my first bite it sent shivers done my spine. I can’t and refuse to eat cold pasta…especially when it’s blanketed with loads of cheese and cream.

[Vineria.IT] was hard as rock and cold as ice.. Wasn’t happy at all.

[Maison Francaise]

wpid-the-taste-migf-2015-maison-francaise.png.pngBoth Maison’s and Lafite’s lobster bisque took me to cloud nine. It’s so rich, creamy and amazing~ The strong aroma from the lobster is so so comforting I want a whole potful just for me!

[Minori Japanese Restaurant]


wpid-the-taste-migf-2015-minori-2.png.pngThis is a very unique dessert. I thought it was just some plain transparent konyaku jelly but when the chef pour it into a huge bowl and start mixing it around with the collagen powder and ended with a very generous pour of honey, I’m sold. Honey is my favourite ingredient of all time! So bring it on~

[Ruyi & Lyn]



These little cuties is just too cute to be consumed! I just couldn’t stop taking pictures of them~ And as pretty as it looks, they are very deadly…deadly good..deadly addictive! These small bites are so tasteful you would think that you’re actually having a normal sized portion, trust me.

Taste MIGF
Berjaya Times Square Hotel
14th Floor, 1 Jalan Imbi
55100 Kuala Lumpur

Tel: 03 – 2117 8000

[Operation Hours]
5th & 6th September 2015 – 11:00 am to 10:00 pm

FB :
Instagram : @migfmy


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