Taman Connaught Night Market

It’s been a while since we’ve been here! And I must say, the food choices have definitely increased (AND improved) drastically!

Choices from local delights like Penang Asam Laksa and Char Kuey Teow to the latest craze like Sangkaya to ice-cream with fog. Some other specialty treats that you should try when you’re there is the deep fried tteokbokki topped with different sauces, big ass whole chicken leg burger and creatively packaged soda juices in the form of a blood pack and clinical syringe!


wpid-mee-rebus-taman-connaught-pasar-malam.png.png[This is considered the best mee rebus in KL, but this can never top my favourite mee rebus from Taiping, Perak]



wpid-thai-roast-pork-tmn-connaught-pasar-malam.png.png[Thai roast pork! This definitely brought back some fond memories when we’re in Phuket]



wpid-thai-bbq-lemongrass-sausage-tmn-connaught.png.png[This is another Thai BBQ stand but it sells a different range of items. I find that it’s overpriced and it’s not as yummy as I thought it would be]

wpid-luk-luk-truck-tmn-connaught-pasar-malam.png.png[No night market walkabout is complete without a little luk luk action, Malaysian shabu shabu if you will]





wpid-blood-soda-juice-taman-connaught-pasar-malam-2.png.png[Totally lovin’ this! Since I did not get to experience drinking cocktails from them eerie instruments at the Clinic bar from my last visit to Clark Quey, Singapore. So this will do for now ^_^]



wpid-wondersnow-ice-cream-taman-connaught-pasar-malam.png.png[They’re really generous with the amount of dry ice they’ve placed in the cup, so you won’t need to rush your shots – LOVE! And those biscuits were yummy too~]


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