Jenny Packham Spring 2017

Jenny Packham is a famous British designer well-known for her vintage-inspired masterpieces. Her impeccable embroidery work, thoughts put into layering of textures and the use of romantic soft fabrics are some of the reason why she’s a household name for not just bride-to-bes but also queens across the world.  Continue reading

Jessica x Weddings

I love weddings! I was really fortunate to have found my dream job as a wedding planner locally and have worked full time for nearly 2 years. I worked with 2 fine women who was so kind to take me in under their wings and taught me a lot during my tenure with them.

If you both are reading this, just know that I really appreciate what you both have done for me throughout the whole journey. I had an amazing time working together with you both on events and weddings (be it for the craziness or seeing everyone enjoying themselves!).

So to not put what I’ve learned to waste, I will continue writing about weddings to not only be a platform for me to keep track on the designs I love but also hoping to inspire all of you future brides!