Dragon Inn, Alam Damai

We’ve been wanting to try this new dim sum place near our house. We pass by quite a few times and it does somewhat look promising from the outside. But first, a bit of history about the shop. It was once a Japanese restaurant specialises in ramen and yakitori….until they closed down and then came along this family run dim sum restaurant.

So we went to visit them this afternoon and their concept is pretty straight forward; serving dim sum with really warm service. Choices are really good, and what I love about them is their specials-of-the-day. We have some pretty interesting options today but Osmanthus Flower Jelly caught my attention immediately. And one more thing you should take note of, they serve 4 pieces of steamed dumpling instead of 3 pieces like other dim sum joints in town. Yippee~ 😉

dragon inn menu

dragon inn tie guan yin tea(Tie Guan Yin Tea (by the pot) – RM 4.00)

dragon inn hoomemade dumplings(Homemade Dumplings – RM 6.00)

dragon inn century egg and pork porridge(Century Egg & Pork Porridge – RM 5.00)

dragon inn yau char kwai chee cheong fun 2

dragon inn yau char kwai chee cheong fun 1(Yau Char Kwai Chee Cheong Fun – RM 6.00)

dragon inn salad prawn(Prawn with Salad Sauce – RM 6.00)

dragon inn pork dumplings prawn dumplings(Prawn Dumplings – RM 6.80 | Pork Dumplings – RM 6.50)

dragon inn osmanthus jelly(Osmanthus Flower Jelly – RM 5.00)

Dragon Inn 龍軒港式點心 

No.32A, Jalan Damai 1
56000 Cheras, Kuala Lumpur

Tel: 03 – 9107 8989

[Operation Hours]
Daily – 8am to 4pm

FB : fb.com/DragonInn


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