Bru Cafe, Faber Towers Taman Desa

It’s been a while since I posted anything here and I apologise~ But I’m back now!

Bru, inspired by Michelangelo’s is officially opened and it’s located strategically in Faber Towers. You would not miss it when you enter the building using the main entrance – just head up the stairs and look ahead at 1 o’clock. Bru serves authentic Italian cuisine and they have pretty amazing beverage choices too. Besides their coffee, try their smoothies when you pop by.

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BreadFruits, Faber Towers Taman Desa

Today’s impromptu cafehop happened after my meeting with my loveleh boss and client. Immediately after the meeting my stomach growled like mad and the throbbing pain of the I-bit-myself-10-times-at-the-same-spot ulcer was hurting like crazy. So because of it, I was literally throwing a fit right after I got into the car and le boyfriend was really kind and patient as always and brought me here (after I shot down a few of the locations he suggested that is hahaa). Continue reading

Wild Sheep Chase, Off Old Klang Road [Pre-Soft-Launch]

Personality is what makes an individual different from the rest. Same goes for cafes!

Wild Sheep Chase is an upcoming cafe in Taman Desa just off of Old Klang Road. This squeeky clean cafe comes with a simple personality that promises to cater the best coffee, tea and (at the moment) soufflés~ What was once a law firm is now transformed to a beautiful cafe with loads of natural lighting and plenty of space~ Continue reading