Carolina Herrera Spring 2017

I love the extravagance (but with a note of playfulness) from Carolina Herrera. My favourite design from last year’s collection is the beautiful Jasmine gown; an A-line dress with sheer neckline featuring a gorgeous jasmine vine Continue reading


好想食点心粥之家 Dim Sum Restaurant | Taman Cheras

I reckon that everyone should have at least one dim sum day on each weekend. Bring your family out, order a pot of thirst quenching Chinese tea (my personal favourite will definitely be tie guanyin) and just let the dim sum come to you! You might probably end up with a table full of dim sum like me and that’s exactly what makes it that much fun. You get to try everything and share it with your family~

There are many dim sum restaurants around Cheras and today we went to this one. We’ve been here before but that was like almost 3 years ago..and as I remembered their dim sum is rather decent.

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Hello world!


I have always wanted to start a food blog but I suck at writing hahaha

But hell, here goes!

Special thanks to all my friends for the confidence boost and so now, good luck to me~ 😉

Yours truly,